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Foxy Lady


One of the myths we would like to dispel is that our Foxy ladies are jaded, “hard core” sex workers just out to take your money.  That image could certainly characterize many workers in the world’s oldest profession.  However, in the Hill Tribes and small farming villages in Northern Thailand, where most of our ladies come from, the attitude is more of providing gracious service.   If a lady can send money home to family or support a brother through college they are looked upon highly in their village.  They are simply using their god-given attributes to their advantage, no more or less than a seven foot tall athletic male might out for basketball.    It’s a practical matter and not looked at with the scorn or shame characterized in the West.   Most of our ladies feel blessed with their beauty and ability to put it to good use – no one harmed – just more happy people in the world.  And yes, they may have comparatively good incomes, but that does not make them “sharks.”     This author has come to know very many ladies over the years and, in this part of the world at least,  I can say that most are very nice people, hoping to find love , make a good life for themselves and help their families.  To experience this difference, join us at Club Foxy Lady.

Foxy Lady Night Bazaar
80/12 Thaphe Rd. Soi 1 T. Changklang A. Muang
Chiangmai, Thailand 51300
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